Engage your employees, reduce healthcare costs, and improve productivity.

We are the behavior change platform company that reduces costs, improves engagement and integrates with current programs.



Apply digital health management to your benefit strategy.


Engage your employees in positive behavioral change to improve health.


Lower healthcare costs by reducing readmissions and improving outcomes.

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Benefits for Your Organization

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  1. REDUCE your healthcare costs by improving outcomes and reducing readmission rates
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  3. IMPROVE employee productivity and presenteeism
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  5. ACCELERATE employee return to work

Benefits for Your Employees

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  1. OFFER a safe, anonymous environment for employees to achieve health goals.
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  3. PROVIDE employees access to evidence-based content, tools and peer support communities
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  5. IMPROVE employee health, wellbeing and satisfaction
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– Josefina, VIverae Health Member

I found out about Viverae Health from a mailer I received from my employer about stopping smoking. I had tried to stop many times before. I joined Viverae Health and got some beneficial suggestions from the expert discussions and my new friends. I also learned that I suffer from depression – and now I’m getting help for that too!

– Beth, Viverae Health Member

I was checking out our benefits on the Employee Intranet, and I came across Viverae Health. I decided to check it out after I learned I could be anonymous. I joined the diabetes community and immediately connected with several women who are just like me who helped me open up. Viverae Health’s clinical tools gave me the ability to control my diabetes. Now my friends and I are working together, supporting one another, and taking better care of ourselves.

– Julie, OneHealth Member

I was referred to Viverae Health by my CIGNA Health Coach to quit smoking. I have found many friends here. I have had an opportunity to share my story and get support from others going through the same issues. Viverae Health helps me live healthier by sharing parts of myself that I used to hide from others. It helps me feel not so alone.