Health Plans

Create market differentiation and boost participation in programs.

We are the behavior change platform company that reduces costs, improves engagement and integrates with current programs.



Create market differentiation and build value for plan sponsors.


Increase member engagement rates through a secure, private social network.


Benefit from proven behavioral health and medical outcomes.

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Benefits for Your Organization

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  1. CREATE market differentiation through innovative social networking and online peer support
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  3. BOOST productivity and engagement in existing programs
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  5. ACHIEVE lower costs validated in multiple case studies with national health plans

Benefits for Your Members

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  1. SUPPORT members taking responsibility for their health
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  3. PROVIDE members access to evidence-based content, tools and peer support communities
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  5. IMPROVE member health, wellbeing and satisfaction
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– Michelle, Viverae Health Member

I have had a very difficult time dealing with my daughter’s autism as a single parent. The autism had put stress on both, my daughter and I. I had no resources to help me until my health plan referred me to Viverae Health. Viverae Health has given me the connection to friends experiencing the same difficulties, the tools to help me become a better parent to a child with autism and ways to help manage my stress.

– Kim, Viverae Health Member

My health plan told me about Viverae Health to help me manage my anxiety. I learned through the peer support specialists and expert discussions that there are things I can do to help me when I face obstacles to help curb my anxiety. I am so grateful for all of my friends on Viverae Health and all the help they have given me. They have given me a way to feel free of my anxiety!

– Harry, OneHealth Member

“Ever since high school, I have suffered from depression. It wasn’t until nearly 15 years later that I was officially diagnosed. I felt even more isolated after the diagnosis because I didn’t know where to go or what to do. My health plan told me about Viverae Health and the support it could provide. The selling point for me was that I didn’t have to give away my identity to get help. Viverae Health has helped me get my depression under control and has supported me at every turn.”