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– Karen, Viverae Health Member

I found Viverae Health on my own looking for ways to cope with my depression. As soon as I joined, I was welcomed and found friends. All the people on the site gave me incredible support through group and one-to-one online meetings. They all gave me resources to manage my depression and Co-Dependency. For once in my life, I have found a place that I could actually be me and have loving friends who accept me as the person I am, faults and all.

– Tomas, Viverae Health Member

I came to Viverae Health a few years ago on my own. I have been able to form what I call “my crew.” We don’t all suffer from the same illness but we’re all here together supporting one another to manage our illnesses. My friends have been there for me at all times, over the phone, texting or emailing, no matter the method, they’ve always been there. I can now look forward without looking back.

– Markus, Viverae Health Member

I joined Viverae Health to get support for myself as a newcomer. I had a hard time accepting my problem but learned how to accept it and myself with the help of my friends at Viverae Health. My friends continued to support me through my depression and anxiety. I am so grateful for the positive environment Viverae Health created. It’s still rewarding me as I continue to help newcomers like I was so many years ago.