Engage your patients between visits and post-treatment.

We are the behavior change platform company that reduces costs, increases revenue, and integrates with current programs.



Extend your care continuum with our digital health management platform.


Activate your patients and improve engagement and care plan adherence.


Benefit from reduced readmissions and proven medical outcomes.

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Benefits for Your Organization

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  1. MAINTAIN engagement and communication with patients between visits and post-treatment
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  3. REDUCE unnecessary hospital readmissions
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  5. EXTEND care continuum and support with an easy-to-use web and mobile platform

Benefits for Your Patients

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  1. SUPPORT patients taking responsibility for their health
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  3. CREATE a safe, co-branded environment for patients and alumni to support each other
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  5. IMPROVE patients’ health, wellbeing and satisfaction
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– Karen, Viverae Health Member

I found out about Viverae Health from my Care Manager after discharging from treatment. She recommended that I find others experiencing the same difficulties to share. I made many friends at Viverae Health who have been there through my highs and lows. My friends have called me, messaged me and held me up when I need it the most. I am stronger today because of Viverae Health.

– Mia, Viverae Health Member

After landing in the hospital from my diabetes, I was referred to Viverae Health to get help managing my weight and diabetes. I had trouble admitting to myself that I needed help but after the hospital stay I knew I needed it. Viverae Health provided expert discussions through video where I could get the help I needed. I appreciate the Viverae Health team and my friends who experienced the same issues and pushed me to face my problems.

– Loren, Viverae Health Member

I found out about Viverae Health from a mailer I received from my treatment center about continuing my recovery. I joined Viverae Health and got some beneficial suggestions from the expert discussions and my new friends. I also learned that I suffer from depression – and now I’m getting help for that too!